Cantabria’s Casual Receptionist – Ollie the Dog!

A very special welcome to Cantabria’s newest staff member, Ollie! ? A  4-year-old Maltese, Ollie has taken on a range of roles, from casual receptionist to RN (complete with his own Heritage RN uniform)! Not to mention security – mainly to the Assistant Facility Manager’s office. Ollie is also frequently involved in activities in Cantabria, and Residents love his visits and interaction. He certainly gives the Cantabria family a “Better Everyday”!

Special mention goes to the Cantabria team for working with Ollie’s special uniform requirements – one person suggested modifying an old RNs uniform, and a staff member whom is good with a sewing machine took that along with an existing top Ollie had to use an example, and “voila!”

As the Assistant Facility Manager’s “guardian”, Ollie comes to work with Polly most days of the week and has a little bed in her office. He is a darling and never runs away. He is used to not being on a lead and runs free around the building, bringing a lot of joy to all residents, their families and also the staff! He will be dressed up for Christmas throughout the month of December as a reminder to the residents of the season that approaches.