A Life To Be Desired

Resident Bruce has written a lovely story about his life at Elizabeth R village – and it’s too good not to share!

Bruce bought his one-bedroom villa at Elizabeth R in 2000. Having retired to a batch at Ahipara in Northland after a life in Canada as a writer/photographer,he decided it was time to swap the ocean for a Mount Taranaki View.

Bruce never imagined being there eighteen years later at 93, still driving and enjoying his patch of garden. This summer his passion fruit has taken over the front entranceway. With few bees around he has taken to pollinating the flowers by hand and anticipates a record bumper crop.

Bruce enjoys gazing out at a panoramic view of the mountains framed by native trees and a neighbouring dairy farm. On brilliantly clear days, he refers to his view as a “National Geographic Double-page Spread”. Throughout the year, animals of all sizes eye him from across the fence.Mid-afternoon, a long line of cows make their way for milking with the mountain as a backdrop.

Bruce savours his main meal of the day at the rest home restaurant – which features a cheerful ambience and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking flowerbeds and pines surrounding the Paetahi stream. He says the food is “tasty, and probably even healthier than what you would get in town”. Bruce enjoys sharing time with three of his oldie mates in a quiet secluded area with an occasional savoured beer.

Looking at paintings and historic photographs whilst strolling along the sunny enclosed passageways at Elizabeth R, Bruce constantly gets images of fruitful earlier days.